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Jan 29, 2013 5:00am PST
moriarty. >>> and well to the super bowl, both the 49ers and the ravens are now in new orleans, the big easy, super bowl week officially starts today with media day. baltimore ravens arrived and there is their plane as they walked off the plane and in their suits antis, ray -- and ties and ray lewis is right there. thousands of media members will be on the field talking to the 49ers and the ravens and so far the 49ers have been keeping a pretty low profile but some of them did take questions yesterday. >> the explosive offense, the receivers are physical, physical guys, they can stretch up field, down field, joe flacco can make all the throws so it is definitely a challenge for us. >> we will bring you live super bowl media coverage and we will have more on mornings on 2. >>> well the surface of the field ravens will be playing on for super bowl is artificial. it is called field turf and it is designed from a company from ohio. it takes more than a dozen people about three weeks to put it all on the field. it is made out of car tires and fibers. after the super bowl, the turf will b
Jan 28, 2013 5:00am PST
early favorites to beat the baltimore ravens. san francisco has been to the super bowl five times. they won every time the last one was in 1995. the 49ers are now settled in at their new headquarters at the marriott hotel in downtown new orleans. fans greeted the players and took pictures. vernon davis in front of big banners of the players in action. today the team plans to begin a normal week of weight lifting and meetings and practices leading up to sunday's super bowl. ktvu has our own team in new orleans. we'll have live reports leading up to super bowl sunday. coming up at 5:30, joe phon city will be joining us from the big easy. and immediately after the super bowl, make sure you turn to ktvu channel 2 we'll have a live post game show. >>> police say a 13 year department veteran was shot and wounded by a suspect during a foot chase last friday. five days earlier on january 21st an under cover officer was shot and wounded while working on seminary avenue. full recoveries are expected for both officers. >>> time is 5:06. a judge will hold a hearing today for the man accused o
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am PST
baltimore ravens. ravens scored 21 unanswered point in yesterday's second half of the championship game and they beat the patriots 28- 13. baltimore won last time 28-16 and john harbaugh beat jim harbaugh. we have more and click on the nfc championship tab. you can check it out with jim harbaugh and the key players. >>> sal, it is just a mazing the two brothers -- amazing the two brothers, do you think they imagined that? >> it what to be this way, pam. let's take a look outside. i know everybody -- not everyone, but a lot of people are excited but if you have to go out to work you might be excited for what you see because traffic is looking good almost everywhere and some schools are off, bart is running on a saturday schedule and we are definitely expecting fewer people on the roads if you have to go. taking a a look at interstate 8080. pleasanton danville and a little more to caster of valley. >>> are you doing well? >> yes. not bad. starting in the 40s and it is nothing we have not seen unless you are closer to the coast and bay where it is mild to warm but it looks like mostly sunn
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3